The only refuge from the ever beating sun comes in the form of dust storms that could rip the flesh off your bones within minutes. It’s at times like these when the denizens of the slave camps retreat to the safety of their burrows, entire towns dug out of the ground to withstand the storms.

One thing the burrows are not built to withstand is the occasional appearance of the Wardens within it’s borders. The Wardens are the guardians of the Empire’s vast slave territories on the northern continent. They always come in force with armed with magical obsidian scimitars in hand to round up the slaves to work the western mines or to serve as a sacrifice to the Dragons, the true sounrce of The Empire’s might.

They bring water with them as well, so no one ever rebels lest the entire town be condemned to starvation by The Empire. That does not mean that the men and women of the slave territories are unprepared for the time when they will take their own freeedom. Every town has their own secret militia, armed with weapons made from the bones of their deceased.
But they have waited for that time for thousands of years.

The only chance any of The Empire’s slaves have to make their own freedom is to risk the hazards of the great northwestern desert, which some say is haunted by the spirits of The Empire’s first genocide, when they killed every Elf left in the world.

The Empire Of The Oasis