Candle's Reach: Slave Town

Candle’s Reach- Slave town.
-The name comes from an ancient poem about a man who was granted immortality so long as he could keep the flame of a candle burning forever. It is said that he traveled all the world and saw everything there is to see only to come to this desert to have the storms blow out his flame. Candle’s Reach is said to e the slave town where all things come to die. Even immortality.

Leadership Council-
The leaders of Candle’s Reach are comprised of the Archeologist, the Mortician, and the Captain of the Guard.
They maintain leadership roles due to the value of their professions, and they vote on all town decisions.

The Archeologist is an elderly black woman with white hair. She alone is the keeper and discoverer of the secrets of Candle’s Reach. None must know toher than she, lest they be sentenced to immediate death

The Mortician is a well built 40 something white man. He always wears a leather apron stained with the blood of the dying and the dead. His job is to take the deceased, drain them of their bodily fluids, take their bodies outside of the town where the sandstorms will strip the flesh from their bones. The Mortician is the sole distributor of the bones and water of the dead, and that makes him very important.

The Captain of the Guard is the head of Candle’s Reach’s secret militia. His identity is only known to the The Mortician and The Archeologist to protect from persecution of The Wardens.

The town is primarily transient, holding a population larger than than it’s resources can sustain. As a result, the major form of entertainment and justice is gladatorial combat. The dead provide a smaller drain on resources as well as providing resources of their own. Most people here only stay a few months, though there are a few who manage to live here for years at a time, by making themselves indespensible in some way. The best way to avoid a quick death as a sacrifice to the Dragons or a slower death in the Empire’s mines is to apprentice yourself to the Mortician or the Archaeologist, find your way into the secret militia, or become a priest of Set. Becoming a priest of Set is the easiest wat to escape persecution as The wardens will not touch the priesthood of their holy deity. This however means that many of the people of candle’s reach look upon the Priesthood of Set with distrust. And rightly so, as the wardens will usually reward Priests who spy on the citizens with promises of freedom.

The Secret Militia is just that: secret. The Empire of the Oasis has outlawed weapons of any kind from their slave camps, but the Militia makes a point of subverting them by making their own weapons from the bones of the dead. They walk freely among the streets when The Wardens are not in town and are the arbiter’s of Cande’s Reach’s justice and judgement.When in force their faces are always covered to protect their identities. And it is well known that anyone who sees them is subject to immediate death. The Priests usually ignore the Secret Militia because they know that the militia does not have same qualms about murdering the Priests of a diety that the Empire does.

The Wardens come once a week from a fortification 80 miles to the southeast called Glory’s Thorn. They usually come in groups of 24 and bring in fresh water and about a dozen new slaves. No one touches the water until The Wardens leave, lest they be targeted for assasination by the Secret Militia. The Empire’s Dragon Keepers and Mine Operators usually come once a month and grab everyone in sight for use in the mines or as sacrifices.

Places of note:
-The Last Shot Tavern
There is only one kind of alcohol available here. And it is made from the blood of the deceased. This is usually the rowdiest place in Candle’s Reach

-The Commons
This is a great open space in the center of town where everyone sleeps (as only the most valuable citizens have their own homes.)

-The Arena

Candle's Reach: Slave Town

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